Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wyrd Sisters

Title: Wyrd Sisters
Author: Terry Pratchett
List: #135 on BBC Top 200
Worth reading? Yes.

I think I have become a Terry Pratchett convert. I did not enjoy the first book of the Discworld series, The Colour of Magic, because I thought it had no plot. I enjoyed the next one I read, Mort, much more. And now, I can heartily recommend Wyrd Sisters. The book is goofy, light, and amusing. It is a great quick read that also doesn’t make you feel like you’re losing brain cells. In fact, Pratchett’s twisted logic makes you think just enough that your brain is slightly stimulated while still enjoying the light, airy read. And of course the humor makes the read quite worthwhile as well.

As for the plot, goodness, I barely know where to start. But again, and I think this is why I enjoyed this one and Mort more than The Colour of Magic, there is actually a plot. So the plot. Well, we’ve got a murdered king who turns into a ghost. The new king, and murderer, is going crazy with guilt (and helped along the way by the murdered king’s whisperings). The murdered king’s son is rescued by witches and given to a family of actors. The witches plot to restore order to the kingdom. And intertwined with all of this is the Fool. And hilarity ensues. Enjoy!

Also, because I talked about this in my Mort post, Wyrd Sisters is part of a third Discworld story arc, the “Witches” story arc. Again, it works very well as a standalone novel, but I’m curious to see how other novels in this story arc might build off the events in Wyrd Sisters.

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